A business blueprint for the nutrition professional

Fuel an idea into a wildly successful health and wellness business


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This Online Course Includes:

Business Fundamentals

Foundational steps to launch your business

Workflow Optimization

Create a superior client experience with organization

Client Acquisition

Attract your next paying client

The Client Experience

Structuring 1:1 sessions for ongoing success

Income Diversity

Utilizing your resources to create ongoing revenue

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From Brandee:

After graduating from the Nutrition Therapy Institute, I hit the ground running with Bee Collective Wellness. However, it wasn't without roadblocks and challenges. I spent countless hours on google, reaching out to other nutrition providers, and on webinars seeking out the resources to have an organized, professional, and effective nutrition business. Spark is a resource to eliminate those futile internet research hours so you can spend more time generating income and supporting your clients' wellness journey.


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With Spark,
You Can:

Dust off that certificate, learn to build your nutrition business, and book your first paying client

Eliminate the overwhelm of “Where do I begin?” and “What’s the next step?” when launching your nutrition business

Eradicate countless hours scouring the internet in search of the tools needed to successfully launch a health and wellness business

Confidently support clients utilizing your knowledge while knowing your back office workflows are set 

Gain access to a compilation of health and wellness geared resources in one spot 

Go at your own pace with self-guided online modules

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Intern Testimonials

Samantha L.

Spending time with Brandee I learned about the essential platforms for operating a nutrition business.  She provided a basic structure/process for working with a client from the beginning to end.

Lauren K.

Actually going through the structure of the first few appointments with Brandee was very helpful. Having that as a guide and a place to start has helped me feel more confident going into client calls and knowing I'm covering what I need to.

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Ready to IGNITE your business? SPARK provides you with a blueprint to launch your business but what about branding and web design?   EMBER is an online course to help you build a new, gorgeous website confidently with step-by-step guidance.  Design and build a professional website to showcase your services and help attract your next client.

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