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Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (CNTP), former Iowa farm girl turned adventure loving Colorado girl! I’m a wife to my handsome husband, Neal, and mama to my fur babies, Goose and Van. You will find me out exploring, camping, hiking, running, or snowboarding around our beautiful state or jet-setting on another travel adventure. My career as a Board Certified Interventional Radiology Technologist helped me recognize the importance of food and nutrition in preventative healthcare.

My education has provided me knowledge based on science and research. I am able to provide my clients with the resources they need to create a healthy relationship with food without feeling restricted. I help clients recognize the power of proper nutrition to support hormones, weight loss, and gut health. Let’s explore the root cause of symptoms by approaching health holistically - mind, body, soul.


4 facts about me


I decided to change careers after 12 years as an Interventional Radiology Technologist.

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I was finally diagnosed with PCOS at age 38.

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I had no idea what eating healthy really consisted of until I committed to my own elimination diet/clean eating program.

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I love the outdoors and camping and have created few eBooks filled with recipes to elevated your outdoor dining experience.

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