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Holistic Nutrition for Women

Sustainable support for women suffering from bloating, fatigue, PMS, and irregular periods so that they can become in tune with their bodies, reduce symptoms and live a vibrant and energetic life.


You've tried every diet in the book and hit the gym consistently but still struggle with your weight, gas, bloating, and irregular cycles.


You might feel like your body is broken.


Has anyone ever doubted or dismissed your symptoms? Gaslighting women’s health concerns is an ongoing issue. This is the paradigm I’m working to shift by always listening with curiosity and an open mind. Together we will collaborate on your journey to become healthful, abundant, and empowered.

Hi! I’m Brandee Hommerding

Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner

I'm a diet-culture dropout and adventure-loving Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (CNTP). I’m here to help you fuel for a flourishing future. We’re kissing goodbye to blindly chasing symptoms. We’re moving on from the fad diet mentality.

Imagine if you could...

Eliminate Symptoms

Symptoms are messages from our body that the body's systems are out of balance. Symptoms are annoying, bothersome, and can be debilitating. Through holistic nutrition practices backed by science-based research, I embrace the healing nature of wholesome food and individualized planning to guide women on their way to wellness.

Eat Intuitively

We are bombarded every day with the best, diet, program, or plan to get quick results thanks to toxic diet culture. Diet culture is pervasive, intrusive, and sneaky. It creates a sense of distrust between you and your body. I’m here to help you intuitively trust and become more in tune with your body. We’re moving on from the fad diet mentality.

Sustain Health

Imagine having the tools to reclaim your health but also cultivate lasting wellness. My job doesn’t end at seeing my clients achieve a specific goal or hit a benchmark. I empower others with the knowledge they need — the why behind the what — that allows their wellness journey to continue long beyond our time working together.

Complimentary 30-Minute Wellness Chat

Join me for a discussion about your unique health journey - your challenges, aspirations, and any burning questions. Let's explore the path to vibrant well-being through nutritional therapy.

Ready to kickstart this adventure?


1:1 Coaching

An individualized approach to supporting your body through food and nutrition

DIY Route

Self-guided and self-paced resources to support your wellness journey 

Lab Testing

A useful tool to create a road map for your health and wellness journey


Unlock the Secrets of Your Health - TAKE THE QUIZ NOW!

Is it your blood sugar? 

Decode whether those nagging symptoms are connected to your blood sugar and pave the way to a healthier, more energized you. 


Enlightening Conversations

Tune in for on-the-go inspiration as I take the mic on various podcasts, delving into captivating conversations about health, hormones, and holistic living. Discover a wealth of insight in these thought-provoking episodes.

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