Tired of dealing with bloating, fatigue, PMS, irregular periods, or other hormonal and gut symptoms?


While these symptoms are common in our society, they are not normal.

Symptoms are a message from the body that something is off.

Something is not functioning optimally.

Something is imbalanced.

Holistic nutrition therapy focuses on the root cause of symptoms and recognizes the uniqueness of each individual. 

I offer sustainable, holistic nutrition support for women so that they can, reduce symptoms, feel more at home in their bodies, and live a more vibrant life.

Because you are so worth it!


Your body is not broken!


Has anyone ever doubted or dismissed your symptoms? You know, made feel like your bloating, fatigue, period concerns, etc. weren't a 'big deal'?


Gaslighting women’s health concerns is an ongoing issue. This is the paradigm I’m working to shift by always listening with curiosity and an open mind. Together we will collaborate on your journey to become healthful, abundant, and empowered.


3-Month Nutrition Coaching

What it's like to work with me

Creating a 

  • 90-minute, deep dive kick-off video session to plan our journey together

  • 2 comprehensive functional laboratory tests to understand the root cause
    of your symptoms

  • 4-day dietary analysis to identify deficiencies for additional support

Laying the

  • Bi-weekly 50-60 minute video sessions to implement holistic nutritional strategies to support wellness

  • Bi-weekly customized meal plans for recipe inspiration and guidance to support your body's needs

  • Guided self-discovery for a healthy relationship with
    food and self

Lasting Wellness

  • Continue to grow and build on your nutritional and wellness foundation

  • Navigate the challenges of everyday life and other wellness issues as they arise


& Customized

Your body has unique needs and unique characteristics. I customize each client's nutritional wellness journey based on their lifestyle and habits.
This means I only work with a handful of clients at one time.


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I'm Brandee,


Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner & Diet Culture Drop-Out

Most would describe me as an outdoor lover, rescue dog mama, and holistic nutrition provider with a bit of a rebellious streak. I'm wildly passionate about women's hormones and gut health issues.


I, too, have struggled with my own hormonal imbalances and received a diagnosis of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) at the age of 38. My own journey with hormone balancing - PCOS and perimenopause,  gut imbalances, and food has fueled me to educate and empower women and their wellness.


I’m always listening with curiosity and an open mind — remaining eager to take on new challenges to help women find lasting wellness. 


Client Wins!

Edie H.

"Brandee single-handedly supported my journey from a 70+-day menstrual cycle to a 30-day cycle. Unheard of, for me (PCOS)! Working with Brandee, I saw major improvements in my hormones and mental health. I can't thank her enough. After thorough blood work, she put together a personalized plan--nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle--to help balance my hormones. Most importantly, she encouraged me to ease back on my perception of "healthy living" to eat the foods I crave without hesitation or guilt. Beyond that, she always gave me pieces of business advice (as a fellow entrepreneur) and was always candid, genuine, and most importantly, kind. Brandee was born to do this work!"

Jenna M.

"The most beneficial part of the work I did with Brandee was the awareness she gave me about the shame I had about my food decisions. She taught me to shed the shame!"

Is holistic nutrition therapy right for you?


Have you ever felt like something was a little off with your hormones or gut health? Like no matter how many doctors you went to, diets you've tried, workout classes you've taken, and google searches you've done, you're still dealing with fatigue, brain fog, bloating, irregular cycles, and/or terrible PMS?


If so, then nutrition therapy is right for you.


I'll help you tune out the world of toxic diet culture and dial into the messages your body is giving you. I'll guide you to embrace the healing nature of wholesome food and individualized planning to banish your symptoms and live a vibrant and energetic life. 



Other Holistic Wellness Offerings

Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:


Tailored meal plans based on lifestyle,
dietary needs, likes, and dislikes



Laboratory Testing

A useful tool to create a road map
or your health and wellness journey



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