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Holistic Approach to Women's Health

Are you tired of feeling frustrated and confused by symptoms that just won't go away?

Despite different medications, diets, and lifestyle changes you just can't seem to find lasting relief. 

Functional lab testing delves deeper into uncovering the root cause of your symptoms so you can take control of your health.


You're fed up with being dismissed by others who tell you
'It's all in your head' or 'It's just stress'.


You might be ready for a natural, holistic approach to women's health to regain balance and feel your best.

Functional lab testing reveals your body's needs, putting you in the driver's seat of your wellness.

The Process

Functional lab testing packages include:

Strategy Session

  • During our free 30-minute session, we'll explore your health challenges and desired outcomes
  • Based on your needs, I'll guide you toward the most appropriate functional lab test to get you on the path to feeling your best

Specimen Collection

  • Depending on the test, an at-home kit will be mailed to you¬†or an in-lab blood draw requisition will be emailed
  • I'll provide clear instructions via email to ensure a smooth and confidential process
  • Your prepaid return shipping ensures your samples arrive safely for analysis
  • Expect results within 10-21 business days

Crafting Your Personalized Action Plan

  • We'll dive deep into your lab results during a private video session
  • I'll provide clear explanations and translate the findings into actionable strategies, including dietary and lifestyle recommendations, as well as discuss potential supplement options (if necessary)

Your body has unique needs and unique characteristics. I customize each functional lab testing journey based on the information shared with me. I carefully consider your symptoms and their correlation with the test findings.


Are you stuck in a cycle of
band-aid solutions?

You might be scouring the internet for answers to your health struggles.

And likely you've tried countless supplements with little to no improvement, or now new symptoms are popping up.

It's not your fault.

Your body is a complex system, and imbalances can manifest in various symptoms with different root causes.

Functional lab testing is the key to unlocking the mystery. These specialized tests go beyond the surface, revealing the underlying imbalances behind your symptoms.

Imagine finally having a clear roadmap to optimal health. Let's connect the dots and create a personalized plan to get you feeling your best again.

Functional Lab Tests for
Women's Health 

Functional lab tests go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. I offer a variety of options to pinpoint the imbalances behind your unique symptoms and health goals. Here are a few examples of testing options available. 

Your health is your most valuable asset. Each testing package includes a 30-minute consultation to ensure the test aligns with your unique situation.


Hi! I'm Brandee

Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner
& Diet-Culture Drop-Out 

Most would describe me as an outdoor lover, rescue dog mama, and holistic nutrition practitioner with a bit of a rebellious streak.

I'm wildly passionate about helping women navigate their hormonal symptoms and gut health issues.

I, too, have struggled with feeling like a stranger in my body as I navigated a late PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) diagnosis at the age of 38 and now perimenopause. My own journey with hormonal and digestive imbalances and overcoming the influence of diet-culture has fueled me to educate and empower women with their wellness journey.


Other Holistic Wellness Offerings

Everyone's journey is different. Here are a few options available for yours.

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Self-guided and self-paced resources to support your wellness journey 

Nutrition Coaching

An individualized approach to supporting your body through food and nutrition


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