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Sustainable Yoga Apparel

guest blogs Sep 18, 2021

Today’s post was written by guest author Katie Cleveland. Katie is the owner of Katie Cleveland Art. Check out how these unique pieces also benefit the earth.

How it Started

When the world decided to shut down in 2020, I decided to take that time to reinvent my brand to incorporate sustainability and giving back. Every time I would turn on the news it would be one horrible disaster after another. Throughout 2020, I stayed focused on creating products that would stand for a positive change.

Earth Friendly Apparel

Recently, we launched a colorful art activewear line that gives back to mother earth. Our clothing line is made from a premium recycled fabric that contains 84-92% recycled plastic waste. Ensuring the process of manufacturing the apparel was just as important as the fabric selection. So we went with a manufacturing facility that is a Gold Green Certified Business. This means the facility meets high standards for social and environmental impacts. For every garment you buy, we plant one tree through the National Forest Foundation.

Yoga Mats Too!

To go with our fun and vibrant activewear line we collaborated with Big Raven Yoga to offer four eco-friendly yoga mats. These bright beauties are built to last and are so much better than your average yoga mat. They are super grippy and thick (4.5mm) for the best support during your practice. The superior soft microfiber top is a proprietary recycled polyester. The base of the mat is made from biodegradable, recyclable, 100% natural tree rubber.

What makes our colorful merchandise unique is that each design was created from an original fine art painting. Whether you are practicing yoga or climbing a mountain, it’s "Art that goes with you." Our product line gives you a new perspective on how art can be a part of your everyday life. We want our customers to feel good about their purchase from us. When you buy from Katie Cleveland Art you can trust your hard-earned money is making a difference.


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