Tired of the Same, Boring Camping Meals?

I, too, have felt uninspired with camping food and resorted back to the same hobo foil pack or brat in the past. But I have learned that camping food doesn't have to be boring or unhealthy! 

Off the Grid Provisions is an eBook featuring 5 breakfast, 2 lunch and 9 dinner options that can easily be made on your portable gas burner or over your campfire!

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Say Goodbye to Bland & Boring Camp Food

Off the Grid Provisions, Volume 1 contains delicious, nutrient-dense recipes that utilize minimal dishes.  Get ready to elevate your camp dining experience!

Off the Grid Provisions - A Camping Recipe Guide is an eBook that includes 16 delicious recipes that you can make in your outdoor camp kitchen. 

Each recipe includes:

  • An ingredient list
  • Step by step instructions
  • Prep/cook time
  • Servings yielded
  • A beautiful image of the finished product. 
  • Prep tips to make the time spent in your outdoor kitchen easy and efficient 
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Eat Well. Be Well

Hi! I'm Brandee, the holistic nutritionist, adventure-seeker, and lover of delicious food behind Bee Collective Wellness. I'm on a mission to empower people to reclaim their health and cultivate lasting wellness. 

Just like a great meal, life needs some added seasonings and spice.  I advocate for stepping outside conventional beliefs and adding some spice to your days- whether it be exploring new foods, taking a solo sunrise hike, or delving into new cultures through travel.  At Bee Collective Wellness, we don't do bland and that is why I created Off the Grid Provisions.  The food you eat should be just as exciting as the adventure you create.  OTGP is meant to fuel and elevate your camping experience.  Never stop exploring, my friend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How it Started...

Amidst the global pandemic of 2020, My husband and I did what everybody did when all their travel plans for the year were canceled - we bought a camper. We found ourselves on a two-week camping road trip.  I meal planned and prepped before we left home because there was no way I was going to eat brats and hobo meals for 2 weeks straight.  One month later, Off the Grid Provisions (Volume 1) -  A Camping Recipe Guide was born! 

Where it's Going...

OTGP now has a Volume 2 - A Backpacking Recipe Guide!  Learn how to dehydrate your own meals for your backcountry adventures that take you a little further away from the conveniences of a kitchen.  I believe your camp food should provide just as much fulfillment as the camping experience.

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